Corporate Enabler

We offer corporate wellness programs for local businesses in Singapore to positively impact staff & improve employee productivity.

Employee Purchase Program

Designed to Recognise and Reward Employees with products discount.

  • Supports Employee Well-Being OUTSIDE of work
  • Exclusive promotions & discounts from top brands
  • Incredible employee benefits experience

Corporate Roadshow

Boosting your employees’ productivity with our benefits offerings and retail therapy.

  • Varieties products to your office doorsteps
  • Additional benefits by having employees to enjoy retail therapy in their own office premises
  • Increase employee engagement in office

Corporate Program

Designed for companies to enjoy substantial savings with upfront discounts.

  • Corporate bundling
  • Bulk purchase discount

Corporate Shopping Platform for Employees

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Smartmall provides employee purchase programs with exclusive promotions & discounts from top brands to bring an incredible employee benefits experience.

Providing Employee Purchase Programs with exclusive promotions & discounts from top brands to bring an incredible employee benefits experience. We are trusted by renown MNCs, SMEs, and other institutions in Singapore.

The use of Employee Purchase Programs as a tool for recruiting, retaining, and motivating employee has becoming increasingly popular among organisations.

The challenge for HR professionals is to connect the dots and offer benefits that employees will want and use. Employee purchase programs are a cost-effective way to make that connection.

More and more, organisations see that the value of offering employee discounts to employees for products they will buy anyway and it is as good as any other incentive program.

Like most everybody, employees like to save money when they shop. SmartMall let employees just do that, on almost everything they buy – from groceries, electronics & gadgets, fashion to birthday gifts and even for their kids.

And your employees appreciate this particular benefit – and are VERY aware of the dollars it means to them. As employers, we care about our employees, helping them save their hard-earned money is real and personal connection.

This care isn’t just something that takes place between 9 to 5 within the walls of our organisation. With a program like SMARTMALL, we become a welcome presence in every part of our employees’ lives, helping them keep more of their paychecks.

That’s what quality of life is all about. Living BETTER.

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